Open for Colourful Collaborations that adds more Joy and Vibrancy to the World!

🌈 I'm always on the lookout for vibrant brand collaborations and licensing opportunities that infuse life with happy colours, bringing smiles to people's faces and igniting a sense of joy.

If you share the passion for creating art that sparks joy and resonates with the heart, we're in for an exciting journey together! 🎨 Let's blend our creative energies to craft something truly remarkable.

Whether you have a project in mind that radiates positivity ☀️ or a licensing proposal that promises to be a burst of happiness 💥, I'm all ears. 👂

Don't hesitate to reach out 📩 and let's paint the world with our unique and delightful hues. 🖌️ Together, we'll make magic through our colourful creations.

Here's to a vibrant and joyful partnership! 🥂

Art Licensing FAQ

What is Art Licensing ?

Art licensing is when artists give permission to a buyer (Licensee) to use their artwork for commercial purposes. The buyer pays a fee for the right to use the artwork, and in return, they can use the artwork to create products, such as clothing, home decor, or stationery.

What is an Exclusive Pattern License ?

Exclusive art licensing patterns refer to a licensing agreement where the licensee (buyer) receives the exclusive right to use the licensed artwork. This means that the licensor (artist/designer) cannot license the same artwork to anyone else during the term of the agreement.

Once the term of the exclusive art licensing agreement is over, there are a few options available. The licensee can choose to renew the agreement for another term, thereby retaining their exclusive right to use the licensed artwork.

Alternatively, the licensor may choose to reuse the artwork and sell it to another licensee. This means that the artwork may become available for licensing again, and another party can purchase the exclusive rights to use it.

What is a Non-excluisve Pattern License ?

A non-exclusive pattern license is an agreement where the licensor (artist/designer) grants permission to the licensee (buyer) to use the licensed artwork, but the licensor retains the right to license the same artwork to other parties. This means that the licensee does not have exclusive rights to use the artwork, and others may also have access to the same artwork.

Non-exclusive pattern licenses are often less expensive than exclusive licenses, as the licensee is not paying for the sole right to use the artwork.

Is Pantone code included ?

I can provide a Pantone code for the patterns on request.

Recolouring Artwork

I work with various colours and offer a wide range of colourways for a pattern.

I can consider a request for recolouring if the design is in vector. If it's a hand-painted design converted into a pattern, it wouldn't be possible.

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