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The Rainbow in “U” | Plain Pages

The Rainbow in “U” | Plain Pages

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The Rainbow in “U” - The RAINBOW in U notebook features an upside-down rainbow design, inviting you to look within yourself to find the magic and colours that make you unique. Let this notebook inspire you to embrace your individuality and creativity.

At Colour and Joy, we take pride in offering a notebook that truly lives up to its name - A notebook of infinite possibilities. This versatile notebook with plain pages is designed to cater to all your creative needs, be it writing notes, doodling, journaling, sketching, bullet journaling, or even collage work. With this notebook, you are free to explore and experiment with your creative skills, without any boundaries or restrictions.

The 160 blank pages in this notebook provide you with an abundance of space to express your thoughts and ideas.

This notebook is not just a means to capture your ideas, but a canvas that allows you to unleash your creativity and let your imagination run wild. With our notebook of infinite possibilities, the possibilities are truly endless. 


  • A5 size (8.6”x 6”)
  • 100 GSM Paper
  • 160 pages with plain pages
  • Soft Cover with Matte Finish


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